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The First Company 2014; Pioneers of Industries

Title in Japanese Za Fa-suto Kanpani 2014
Author Diamond Frontier Club

The First Company 2014 is the first in a new series of publications for annual release from Diamond, Inc. This edition is divided into three parts and covers 50 different companies. The first part ...

Small But the Best Companies

Title in Japanese Chiisakutemo ichiban no kaisha
Author Koji Sakamoto

If an employee is always dissatisfied with his boss or with the company he is working for, it is unreal to think that he would put in his best efforts for the company to achieve good results. The i...

Amazing Capabilities that Attracts the World

Title in Japanese Sekaini Hokoru Nihon no Sugoi Chikara
Author InterVision 21

In Japan, there are many things Japanese people can be proud of, such as technology, inventions, culture, nature, people etc. With the use of illustrations and pictures, this book introduces Japane...

Japanese Factory Technology Drawing the World’s Attention

Title in Japanese Sekai ga Taisetsu ni suru Nippon Koujouryoku
Author Yasuo Negishi

“Japanese Factory Technology Admired by the World” introduces the art of Japanese manufacturing and craftsmanship through examples of 12 existing small-medium scale factories. Even though it is oft...

JINS Innovating Eyewear

Title in Japanese Furikiru yuuki
Author Hitoshi Tanaka

In the overall shrinking eyewear industry in Japan, JINS has continued its steady advance. The company has sold over three million five hundred thousand pairs of "JINS PC" Computer glasses, along w...

How TANITA Became Number One

Title in Japanese Tanita wa kou shite Sekai Ichi ni natta
Author Daisuke Tanida

TANITA, known for its world first consumer body fat scale, started preparing healthier diet-conscious menus for their employees in the staff canteen over ten years ago, in 1999. The menus have now ...

Global Niche Top Enterprises

Title in Japanese Global Niche Top Kigyo Ron
Author Yuji Hosoya

“Global Niche Top Enterprise”, as it defined in this book, is an enterprise that independently manufactures competitive original products. The book consists of 3 parts. Part I presents case studi...

Creating a Brand

Title in Japanese Brand no Sodatekata
Author Jun Nakagawa, Akihiro Nishizawa

How does a company go about creating and raising a brand? Is it possible to succeed in branding without being a large-scale, well known company? The duo of a successful young manager and designer a...

Challenge of Small to Medium-sized Manufacturing Industries

Title in Japanese Jidai ni Chousensuru Yuryou Chuken・Chushou Seizougyou
Author NIKKAN KOGYO SHIMBUN Special Investigative Reporters

In the electronics industry which used to be called Japanese “specialty”, Asian neighboring countries developed their technology rapidly and started showing their presence to the world. Afterwards,...

Hundred Year-old Japanese Companies

Title in Japanese Nihonno Hyakunen Kigyo
Author The Asahi Shimbun reporters

There are more than 20,000 companies which have been in business more than 100 years and about 400 companies that have been in business over 300 years in Japan.

This book is a corpus series ...