The Dawn of Gaia 2011; Selected Scripts from TV Business Documentary

Title in Japanese Gaia no yoake 2011
Author TV Tokyo Houdou Kyoku

The Dawn of Gaia is a popular documentary TV series in Japan that examines business issues from a variety of angles. This book, which is the seventh in the series, is a compilation of stories from ...

Small But the Best Companies

Title in Japanese Chiisakutemo ichiban no kaisha
Author Koji Sakamoto

If an employee is always dissatisfied with his boss or with the company he is working for, it is unreal to think that he would put in his best efforts for the company to achieve good results. The i...

Amazing Capabilities that Attracts the World

Title in Japanese Sekaini Hokoru Nihon no Sugoi Chikara
Author InterVision 21

In Japan, there are many things Japanese people can be proud of, such as technology, inventions, culture, nature, people etc. With the use of illustrations and pictures, this book introduces Japane...

“Likes/Dislikes” And Management

Title in Japanese Sukikiraito Keiei
Author Ken Kusunoki

This book is based on a series of the author’s interviews of 14 famous Japanese entrepreneurs/CEOs. Ken Kusunoki is a business school professor and started the interviews with a hypothesis that ent...

Maker’s Shirt; KAMAKURA’s Challenge to Offer Reasonable Quality Shirts

Title in Japanese Kamakura Shatsu Tamashii no Monozukuri
Author Yoshimi Maruki

How can a domestically manufactured 100% high quality cotton shirt be sold for just 4900 yen? Maker’s Shirt Kamakura continues its steady advance in the apparel industry swept over by fast fashion ...

Hidden power of Japan attracting the world

Title in Japanese Sekai ga me wo miharu nihon no sokojikara

This book is aimed at helping Japanese readers recognize the aspects of Japan gaining high reputation from other parts of the world, and the aspects that are looked over usually as they are common ...

The Potential of Small and Medium-sized Companies

Title in Japanese Chuushou Kigyou no Sokojikara
Author Takao Nakazawa

Small and medium-sized enterprises are often viewed with negative images, that they are challenged with the offshore production or suffering from low wages, and lack of successors. However, Japan c...

Japanese Factory Technology Drawing the World’s Attention

Title in Japanese Sekai ga Taisetsu ni suru Nippon Koujouryoku
Author Yasuo Negishi

“Japanese Factory Technology Admired by the World” introduces the art of Japanese manufacturing and craftsmanship through examples of 12 existing small-medium scale factories. Even though it is oft...

JINS Innovating Eyewear

Title in Japanese Furikiru yuuki
Author Hitoshi Tanaka

In the overall shrinking eyewear industry in Japan, JINS has continued its steady advance. The company has sold over three million five hundred thousand pairs of "JINS PC" Computer glasses, along w...

I Decided To Save The World With Euglena

Title in Japanese Bokuwa Midorimushide Sekaiwo Sukuukotoni Kimemashita
Author Mitsuru Izumo

What is euglena? It is a microalgae which grows in fresh water and has both plant and animal characteristics, stores the energy by photosynthesis like plants and moves around like microorganisms. ...